Watch the sunset in Albufera


Watch the sunset in Albufera

  • Many websites argue that the sunset in Albufera is one of the most beauitufl in Spain.
  • “Albufera” comes from the arab name “al-buhayra”, meaning small sea. It is used to designate salt water lakes near the seaside.
  • It is a natural park located 10 km south from the city of Valencia.
  • In 1990 a plan was approved that would help the conservation of this natural park
  • In 1902 the Valencia writer Vicente Blasco Ibañez wrote the novel Cañas y barro that take place in the Albufera at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • It has a surface of 23.94 square kms and it is surrounded by 223 square kms of rice paddies. The average depth of the lake is 1m.
  • The lake is separated from the sea by a narrow area with sand and another one with woods.
  • Located very near to El Saler, which is a beautiful beach. This beach is usually less crowded than other beaches like Malvarrosa. The handicap is that it is not that close to Valencia.
  • The town of El Palmar is really close too. It is possible to have some of the best paellas in this town.
  • There is bus going to Albufera and El Saler departing from Valencia’s city center (Gran Vía Germanías).

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