The overall Valencian climate is a Mediterranean climate. This climate has quite long, warm and dry (little precipitation) summers with maximum temperatures rarely surpassing 35º C. Humidity is quite high close to the coast, which can be overwhelming at times.

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Winters are mild with minimum temperatures rarely falling under 3º C. There is very little precipitation all year long (0 – 4 days of rain per month), and it is mostly concentrated in Autumn and Spring.

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Typical Mediterranean climate: covers most of the coast of the Comunidad Valenciana. Has milder temperatures due to the proximity of the sea. Despite this, summers are long, warm and dry, with maximum temperatures close to 30ºC. Most of the precipitation is concentrated in Spring and Autumn.

Continental Mediterranean climate: covers the inland part of the Comunidad Valenciana. Temperatures are more extreme than in in the Typical Mediterranean climate, with colder winters and warmer summers, reaching maximum temperatures exceeding 40ºC. There is not much precipitation but this is distributed more evenly across the whole year.

Dry Mediterranean climate: It covers the southern part of the Comunidad Valenciana. Summers are warm like in the Typical Mediterranean climate. The main differences are: that winters are milder and the lack of precipitation. This very sporadic precipitation usually takes place in Spring and Autumn.

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