Short hike Cueva de las Palomas

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Short hike Cueva de las Palomas

  • “Cueva” meaning cave and “palomas” being doves. The translation would be Cave of the Doves
  • 45 mins drive from Valencia’s city.
  • 20 meter waterfall in the raining season (usually from September until June) and a cave
  • In the river Juanes, in the area of Yatova (very close to Buñol, where the Tomatina is celebrated).
  • Beautiful landscape and easy hike
  • There’s a route called Ruta del Agua. It is possible to do small part of the hike (from the car to the cave approx. 15 mins) or do a longer hike of 1 hour and 30 mins.
  • It is ideal to park the car exactly where the Point of interest is located in To-Do-Valencia’s map. That way, you can choose between the short or the long hike.
  • Make sure to take some water with you as there’s no place where to buy water there. Ideal to take with you a snack to eat there. And make sure to take your trash with you 🙂
  • Possible to swim in the pond created by the waterfall (water is quite cold though)
  • If going there on a weekday it is possible to be completely alone. In that case, if you have dogs you can let them loose (under your own responsibility)

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