Plaza Redonda

El Carmen

Plaza Redonda

  • It is located near Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Mercado Central and Plaza de la Reina in the neighborhood of El Carmen.
  • The Plaza Redonda (which means Round Square) has obviously a circle shape. With 4 entries, the square can only be accessed by pedestrians (no cars are allowed there). In fact, it is so small (one of the smallest squares in the city) that there is no physical space for cars. The square is surrounded by houses, making it impossible to locate it from far away. The square has a round fountain in the center.
  • This square used to have small shops that were selling all kinds of stuff: from pets to antiques. It was renovated in 2008 and nowadays the square is full of bars and cafeterias, making it a suitable stop to have a coffee or a caña (small beer) and a snack.
  • Built in 1840 by Valencian Architect Salvador Escrig.
  • In the past fish and meat was sold in this square. This is one of the reasons why one of the streets reaching the square is still called “de la pescaderia” (of the fishmarket).

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Plaza Redonda 2

Plaza Redonda 3

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