Plaza del Ayuntamiento

City centre

Plaza del Ayuntamiento

  • It is located in Valencia’s city centre
  • “Ayuntamiento” is the Spanish word for “Town Hall”
  • It is possible to enter the town hall building and see the Plaza from the balcony.
  • Inside the town hall there is also the Municipality’s History Museum.
  • There’s important Valencian-identity items inside the town hall, such as the sword that was meant to be used by Jaume I to reconquer the region from the Muslims and a map of the city drawn in 1704
  • The building is the result of the merging of two constructions from very different time periods and styles: the Casa de Enseñanza (built between 1758 and 1763) and the rest of the building (built between the second and third decade of the 20th century). Casa de Enseñanza used to be a school.
  • In the same square we can find the Edificio de Correos (Post Office Building). This building has mostly features of Eclecticism and some elements Valencian Modernism. Its construction started in 1915 and was finished in 1923.

Plaza del Ayuntamiento 1

Plaza del Ayuntamiento 2

Plaza del Ayuntamiento 3

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