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Camino de Canal, 91, 46024 Valencia
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Camino de Canal, 91, 46024 Valencia

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  • The Real Club Nautico of Valencia (RCNV) is bit further away than Marina Real, which makes it a little bit more inconvenient for people without a car.
  • Renting a boat is not an easy task. The sailing school doesn’t have many resources and the management of the school is not perfect. When calling Real Club Náutico ask them to speak with the Sailing school.
  • They rent Tom 28s. However, they won’t rent the boat without instructor unless having done the sailing course with them.
  • Another inconvenience is the fact that Tom 28s are more racing boats than cruising ones. Sailing is not that comfortable as you have to rig and de-rig sails completely.
  • If you can get in touch with the school and you don’t mind going out with an instructor, go for it!

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july, 2019

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