Plaza de Toros (Bullfighting ring)

Carrer de Xàtiva, 28, 46004 València
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Carrer de Xàtiva, 28, 46004 València

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  • Built between 1850 and 1860.
  • Neo-classical style, inspired in Roman constructions with 384 arch and with a polygon shape with 48 sides.
  • The architect in charge of the construction was the Valencian Sebastián Monleón Estellés.
  • When first built it was located just outside the wall that surrounded the city and next to one of the main entrances (Ruzafa’s entrance)
  • The actual bull ring has 52 meters while the construction has a diameter of 108 meters. It used to have capacity for almost 17K people but was then reduced to 13K.
  • The bullfighting ring is not only used for bullfighting. Many other events such as concerts and fairs take place inside this arena.
  • There’s a museum in the bullfighting ring. Through this museum it is possible to enter the arena. To access the museum we have to go through the Pasaje del Doctor Serra. The entrance to the museum is located just in front of Primark.

Plaza de Toros (Bullfighting ring) 1

september, 2019

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