Drink Horchata in Daniel (Alboraya)

Av. l'Orxata, 41, 46120 Alboraia, València
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Av. l'Orxata, 41, 46120 Alboraia, València

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  • Currently closed until 1st March 2019
  • Located in Alboraya (small town located at the outskirt of Valencia) where Orxata (Valencian) or Horcahata (in Spanish) is originally from.
  • They opened a new store in the city center of Valencia. The original one is bit frar from the city center. However, it is a much more charismatic place. Plus, being located in Alboraya, it is possible to appreciate tradition even more.
  • The fields surrounding Daniel have Chufa sedge crops. Chufa sedge is used for the preparation of Horchata.
  • Inside Horchatería Daniel it is possible to see pictures of famous people that went to taste the delicious Horchata in such an emblematic place. Celebrities include: Famous Valencia Football Club players, Dali, Spanish Royal Family, etc.
  • Really you can have many things that you could have in a bakery (Croissant, Cakes, etc), but we really recommend trying the Horchata (the drink that looks like milk) con Fartons (which are delicate and spongy sweets).
  • It is possible to get here via underground, so it is not that inconvinient. Highly recommended to go to visit Alboraya after charging energy at Horchatería Daniel.
  • It has a small parkng for customers, in case you go by car.
  • They have two other places in the city center (in San Vicente and in Mercado de Colón), even though they aren’t as iconic as this place.

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