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Muvim (Museum)

MuVIM stands for Museo de la Ilustración y la Modernidad. That is, Museum of Modernity and Enlighment. It is a public museum that opened its doors in July 2001. Muvim is a didactive and interactive museum that is ... 0 Comments

La Milla de Oro

The Milla de Oro is an exclusive and luxury shopping area. It is located near the Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas. Possible to find some of the most luxury shops in Valencia, especially regarding beauty and fashion. ... 0 Comments

Calle Colón

Its the most important shopping area in Valencia Calle Colón, in Valencian Carrer Colom, is a one direction street that ends in Calle Xativa (later becoming Guillem de Castro). It is a wide street (3 lanes) and it is ... 0 Comments

National Ceramics Museum (Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas)

In the historic center of Valencia between the streets of Poeta Querol, calle de la Cultura and calle de San Andrés. Experts believe the building was built in an area that used to be a Roman necropolis (large cementary ... 0 Comments

Plaza del Ayuntamiento

It is located in Valencia’s city centre “Ayuntamiento” is the Spanish word for “Town Hall” It is possible to enter the town hall building and see the Plaza from the balcony. Inside the town hall there is also the ... 0 Comments

Trinquet Pelayo

There are professional matches of “pilota valenciana” (Valencian traditional sport) on thursdays and saturdays at 16:30 and 18:00. Opened the 20th of August of 1868 and became an icon in the Valencian ... 0 Comments

Plaza de Toros (Bullfighting ring)

Built between 1850 and 1860. Neo-classical style, inspired in Roman constructions with 384 arch and with a polygon shape with 48 sides. The architect in charge of the construction was the Valencian Sebastián Monleón ... 0 Comments

Estación del Norte (Train Station)

Ideal place to walk inside and have a quick stroll around. If thinking about having a coffee or something to eat inside, bear in mind that prices are slightly higher. The Estación del Norte (Train Station) is the main ... 0 Comments

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