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Patacona Resort Apartments

Modern apartments located near the beach of Patacona 5 km from the city center Outdoor swimming pool, padel and tennis courts and an area with free wifi and TV The apartments have kitchen, bathroom and living room with ... 0 Comments

Muvim (Museum)

MuVIM stands for Museo de la Ilustración y la Modernidad. That is, Museum of Modernity and Enlighment. It is a public museum that opened its doors in July 2001. Muvim is a didactive and interactive museum that is ... 0 Comments

Lonja de la Seda

One of the most symbolic buildings in Valencia Gothic style building in the city cente, in the neighborhood of El Carmen and close to Playa del Ayuntamiento and Mercado Central Lonja (Llotja in Catalan/Valencian) is a ... 0 Comments

Marina Beach

It is a 3-in-one: a restaurant, a chill out area and a night club Well, actually there are two Restaurants: Marina Restaurant and El Portet Restaurant. Marina Restaurant is specialized in mediterranean cuisine (like ... 0 Comments

L’Umbracle/MYA club

The backspine of the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias It is an open-air garden of 4K square meters decorated with elegant furniture and sculptures At the beginning it was a garden that showed local plants from the ... 0 Comments

La Milla de Oro

The Milla de Oro is an exclusive and luxury shopping area. It is located near the Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas. Possible to find some of the most luxury shops in Valencia, especially regarding beauty and fashion. ... 0 Comments

Drink Horchata in Daniel (Alboraya)

Currently closed until 1st March 2019 Located in Alboraya (small town located at the outskirt of Valencia) where Orxata (Valencian) or Horcahata (in Spanish) is originally from. They opened a new store in the city ... 0 Comments

Swimming in Real Club Nautico (RCNV)

Private sailing club located about 15 min drive from Valencia’s city center, between the port and Pinedo’s beach. Established in 1903 as a private sport association to promote culture and sport related to ... 0 Comments

Calle Colón

Its the most important shopping area in Valencia Calle Colón, in Valencian Carrer Colom, is a one direction street that ends in Calle Xativa (later becoming Guillem de Castro). It is a wide street (3 lanes) and it is ... 0 Comments

La Pepica

Restaurant in Malvarrosa, famous for its superb paellas. Founded in 1898, it is a place with long-lasting tradition. It is possible to contemplate this with the decoration (paintings and pictures). Currently, the grand ... 0 Comments

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