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Drink Horchata in Daniel (Alboraya)

Currently closed until 1st March 2019 Located in Alboraya (small town located at the outskirt of Valencia) where Orxata (Valencian) or Horcahata (in Spanish) is originally from. They opened a new store in the city ... 0 Comments

Swimming in Real Club Nautico (RCNV)

Private sailing club located about 15 min drive from Valencia’s city center, between the port and Pinedo’s beach. Established in 1903 as a private sport association to promote culture and sport related to ... 0 Comments

Short hike Cueva de las Palomas

“Cueva” meaning cave and “palomas” being doves. The translation would be Cave of the Doves 45 mins drive from Valencia’s city. 20 meter waterfall in the raining season (usually from September until June) and a cave In ... 0 Comments

Sailing RCNV

The Real Club Nautico of Valencia (RCNV) is bit further away than Marina Real, which makes it a little bit more inconvenient for people without a car. Renting a boat is not an easy task. The sailing school doesn’t ... 0 Comments

Trinquet Pelayo

There are professional matches of “pilota valenciana” (Valencian traditional sport) on thursdays and saturdays at 16:30 and 18:00. Opened the 20th of August of 1868 and became an icon in the Valencian ... 0 Comments

Watch the sunset in Albufera

Many websites argue that the sunset in Albufera is one of the most beauitufl in Spain. “Albufera” comes from the arab name “al-buhayra”, meaning small sea. It is used to designate salt water ... 0 Comments

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