Patacona Resort Apartments


Patacona Resort Apartments

  • Modern apartments located near the beach of Patacona
  • 5 km from the city center
  • Outdoor swimming pool, padel and tennis courts and an area with free wifi and TV
  • The apartments have kitchen, bathroom and living room with TV
  • They all include terrace with views to the beach
  • They also have air-con for the hot summer days
  • It is also possible to go out jogging near the beach
  • For people with dogs, in many cases dogs are allowed. Also, there is an area of the beach that is super close where people walk the dogs.
  • The resort also includes: gym, gym and minigolf
  • Located very close to the highways E-15 and V-21, so it it pretty cool if you are driving car and need to get out of the city.
  • The place is also very well connected via public transport system

Patacona Resort Apartments 1

Patacona Resort Apartments 2

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