Miguelete (Micalet) Cathedral

El Carmen

Miguelete (Micalet) Cathedral

  • Ideal place to have nice views of the city of Valencia.
  • Climb up the 51 meters-tall tower (167 feet tall). You have to be in a relatively good shape as it consists of a flight of 207 stone steps.
  • When climbing up it is possible to distinguish three parts: 1) Solid stone with just enough space for the stairway. 2) The old prison which has only one very narrow window. 3) The bell ringer’s house
  • The building was started in 1381 and finished in 1429. Due to its complexity and the amount of years that the construction lasted, it had a couple different master builders working on it. One of the master builders was Pedro Balaguer, who built Torres de Serrano.
  • The style of the building is “Gótico Valencia” (Valencian Gothic), and there are quite some famous buildings around the Valencian region that belong to this same artistic movement.

Miguelete (Micalet) Cathedral 1

Miguelete (Micalet) Cathedral 2

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