Mercado de Ruzafa (Market)


Mercado de Ruzafa (Market)

  • Origin of Ruzafa comes from a leisure estate built by Abd Allah Al-Balansi in the IX century at about 2 km from the city of Valencia. He wanted to copy his fathers (Abderramán I) building near Córdoba. This estate seemed not to last long as Al-Balansi’s children weren’t living in Valencia. However, the gardens around the estate remained untouched and were used for recreational purposes as a public park.
  • The market has over 100 stores in 4780 square meters
  • The building is from the year 1958
  • Inside you can find mostly food (butchery, cake shop, vegetable shop, etc). However, there is also a locksmith, a bar, flower shop, etc.
  • Ideal place to stop by when strolling though the streets of Ruzafa’s neighbourhood.

Mercado de Ruzafa (Market) 1

Mercado de Ruzafa (Market) 2

Mercado de Ruzafa (Market) 3

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