Mercado de Colón (Colon Market)

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Mercado de Colón (Colon Market)

  • Ideal place to have a coffee after strolling around the area. If going early in the morning, it is possible to have a typical Spanish breakfast (toast with tomato, coffee and orange juice) for less than 5€. If visiting later during the day, it is also possible to have a tapa and/or a glass of wine. Inside, it is also possible to find the Horchaterías serving horchata (the typical product from Valencia that it is similar to milk).
  • Market built between 1914 and 1916
  • Located in Cirilo Amorós, between Calle Colón and Gran Via Marqués del Túria. These streets are really good for shopping. Here it is possible to find the well-known brands like H&M, Zara, etc. but it is also possible to find independent shops with trendy clothes.
  • Built by Francisco Mora Berenguer (Valencian architect that was heavily influenced by catalan modernism). There’s a sculpture of him inside the building.
  • In this building, it is possible to see features of catalan modernism (Gaudí style). It is actually possible to see a lot of features that remind to popular Gaudí buildings like Sagrada Familia or Casa Milà, both located in the city of Barcelona.
  • Back then there were just the Mercado Central and the Mercado de Ruzafa. Citizens asked the city council to build another one as these two were not enough and were quite far away.
  • Close to Valencia’s most important shopping area (Calle Colón) and really close to Jorge Juan’s shopping mall
  • Nearby places to visit: Basílica san Vicente Ferrer, Turia River Park, Plaza de Toros (Bullfighting Ring), Estación del Norte (Train Station). Also, not far away from the Mercado de Colón we have the Río park (old river bank). So it is possible to go for a healthy walk over there.
  • In their website ( it is possible to read more about the history of the place and about Francisco Mora (the Valencian architect).

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