La Pepica


La Pepica

  • Restaurant in Malvarrosa, famous for its superb paellas.
  • Founded in 1898, it is a place with long-lasting tradition. It is possible to contemplate this with the decoration (paintings and pictures).
  • Currently, the grand children of the original founders that are taking care of the business.
  • Amazing location as it is just in front of the Malvarrosa beach.
  • It can be pretty noisy inside as it is usually pretty crowded. Make sure to book a table in advance. Also, in some places you can order the paella you will want to eat in advance. That way, the waiting is not so long (it can take about 45 mins to prepare)
  • The ‘arroz de la Pepica’ is a name give to the paella with peeled seafood (same as arroz del Senyoret). This term was coined one day that Sorolla came to eat paella to La Pepica and the owner told the cook to prepare his paella with the seafood peeled.
  • Many famous people ate at la Pepica, like Bono from U2. Many pictures with the celebrities can be found inside.

La Pepica 1

La Pepica 2

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