Black Turtle (Ruzafa)


Black Turtle (Ruzafa)

  • Some of the best hamburgers in Valencia
  • The founders have over 10 years of experience working in hamburger restaurants. They started working in the US and they brought the concept and learnings to Valencia. They wanted to create a place that would take the customer to the Soho of a great city, with great hamburgers and indie-rock background music.
  • Black Turtle was born in 2013 and now they have 5 restaurants in Valencia and a couple more outside the city. These are the ones in Valencia:
  • Calle Sueca 51, 46006
  • Pl. Xuquer 7, 46021
  • Paseo Alameda 46, 46023
  • CC. Arena Multiespacio
  • Heron City

Black Turtle (Ruzafa) 1

Black Turtle (Ruzafa) 2

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