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  • It is a zoo located near the Jardín del Turia (old river bank) and covers over 80K square meters
  • More than 800 animals and 116 species
  • Its main feature is that it is quite different to the typical zoos with cages. Bioparc emulates the animal’s ecosystem giving more space to these and also making the visitor feeling like entering their habitat.
  • Opened its doors the 27th of February 2008 and it replaced the old Viveros Zoo that was founded in 1965 and closed in 2007
  • Owned by the city hall of Valencia but managed by a private company called Rain Forest Valencia
  • Specialised in African fauna it has 4 areas: savanna desert, tropical savanna, Equatorial African woods and Madagascar.
  • Some animals that can be found here are: lions, monkeys, giraffes, elephants and many more.
  • Current (Jan 2019) price for a ticket for an adult is around 24€,

Bioparc 1

Bioparc 2

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