Things to see

Check out the most important monuments in Valencia and all the amazing scenery this city has to offer. El Carmen, the beach of El Saler, and much more.

City centre

National Ceramics Museum (Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas)

  • In the historic center of Valencia between the streets of Poeta Querol, calle de la Cultura and calle de San Andrés.
  • Experts believe the building was built in an area that used to be a Roman necropolis (large cementary with important monumets) between I and III centieries A.D. This theory appeared after some archaeological remains were found in 1743.
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El Carmen

Mercado de Colón (Colon Market)

  • Ideal place to have a coffee after strolling around the area. If going early in the morning, it is possible to have a typical Spanish breakfast (toast with tomato, coffee and orange juice) for less than 5€. If visiting later during the day, it is also possible to have a tapa and/or a glass of wine. Inside, it is also possible to find the Horchaterías serving horchata (the typical product from Valencia that it is similar to milk).
  • Market built between 1914 and 1916
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El Carmen

Plaza Redonda

  • It is located near Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Mercado Central and Plaza de la Reina in the neighborhood of El Carmen.
  • The Plaza Redonda (which means Round Square) has obviously a circle shape. With 4 entries, the square can only be accessed by pedestrians (no cars are allowed there). In fact, it is so small (one of the smallest squares in the city) that there is no physical space for cars. The square is surrounded by houses, making it impossible to locate it from far away. The square has a round fountain in the center.
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City centre

Estación del Norte (Train Station)

  • Ideal place to walk inside and have a quick stroll around. If thinking about having a coffee or something to eat inside, bear in mind that prices are slightly higher.
  • The Estación del Norte (Train Station) is the main train station in Valencia. In 2010 more than 14 million passengers passed through this train station. 11 million of these passensgers were using the commuter train service.
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Mercado de Ruzafa (Market)

  • Origin of Ruzafa comes from a leisure estate built by Abd Allah Al-Balansi in the IX century at about 2 km from the city of Valencia. He wanted to copy his fathers (Abderramán I) building near Córdoba. This estate seemed not to last long as Al-Balansi’s children weren’t living in Valencia. However, the gardens around the estate remained untouched and were used for recreational purposes as a public park.
  • The market has over 100 stores in 4780 square meters
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Marina de Valencia

  • Previously, during America’s Cup (World’s most important sailing competition), it was known as Marina Real Juan Carlos I or Port America’s Cup
  • Located between Playa de las Arenas (Malvarrosa) and Puerto de Valencia. It belongs to the district of Poblats Maritims.
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