Things to do

If you are looking for different things to do, this is your page. Check out the list of cool activities in Valencia: Surfing, hiking, sailing, etc.

City centre

Trinquet Pelayo

  • There are professional matches of “pilota valenciana” (Valencian traditional sport) on thursdays and saturdays at 16:30 and 18:00.
  • Opened the 20th of August of 1868 and became an icon in the Valencian traditional sport “pilota”. Eventually it became known as “The Cathedral”.
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Nearby places

Sailing RCNV

  • The Real Club Nautico of Valencia (RCNV) is bit further away than Marina Real, which makes it a little bit more inconvenient for people without a car.
  • Renting a boat is not an easy task. The sailing school doesn’t have many resources and the management of the school is not perfect. When calling Real Club Náutico ask them to speak with the Sailing school.
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