Ruzafa is the trendy neighbourhood in Valencia. It used to be a poor area with a high rate of criminality. However, in the last decades the area got transformed into a hipster neighbourhood with lots of cool restaurants and places to have a drink. The nightlife in this area also got a huge boost in the last years, becoming one of the main nightlife areas of the city.


Black Turtle (Ruzafa)

  • Some of the best hamburgers in Valencia
  • The founders have over 10 years of experience working in hamburger restaurants. They started working in the US and they brought the concept and learnings to Valencia. They wanted to create a place that would take the customer to the Soho of a great city, with great hamburgers and indie-rock background music.
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Mercado de Ruzafa (Market)

  • Origin of Ruzafa comes from a leisure estate built by Abd Allah Al-Balansi in the IX century at about 2 km from the city of Valencia. He wanted to copy his fathers (Abderramán I) building near Córdoba. This estate seemed not to last long as Al-Balansi’s children weren’t living in Valencia. However, the gardens around the estate remained untouched and were used for recreational purposes as a public park.
  • The market has over 100 stores in 4780 square meters
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