El Cabanyal is the area that links Valencia with the sea. South of Patacona and north of El Grau, Cabanyal is an amazing area that is becoming increasingly popular. With trendy places like La Paca opening in the area, the neighbourhood is starting to compete with Ruzafa for the trophy of trendy area in Valencia.


La Pepica

  • Restaurant in Malvarrosa, famous for its superb paellas.
  • Founded in 1898, it is a place with long-lasting tradition. It is possible to contemplate this with the decoration (paintings and pictures).
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  • Malvarrosa is the name of a Flower. The beach was called like this after a famous botanist called Felix Robillard moved there. He called his estate Malvarrosa and, after some time, his street was also called like this. Finally, the whole area was also named Malvarrosa.
  • Malvarrosa is a sand beach and is the closest one to the city of Valencia. Despite it getting crowded in summer, it is extensive so there is usually a place for everyone.
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Marina de Valencia

  • Previously, during America’s Cup (World’s most important sailing competition), it was known as Marina Real Juan Carlos I or Port America’s Cup
  • Located between Playa de las Arenas (Malvarrosa) and Puerto de Valencia. It belongs to the district of Poblats Maritims.
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