Discover the best beaches in Valencia. From the closest one to the city, Malvarrosa, to other beaches that aren’t so crowded and not very far from the city.


El Saler

  • Name meaning “saline” in Valencian language, as it was the main economic activity of the area up to the 20th century.
  • El Saler is a beautiful beach, possibly one of the nicest near Valencia. Also, less crowded. The main inconvenient is that it is further away (15 min drive South of Valencia). Other beaches like Malvarrosa or Patacona ar much closer.
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  • Malvarrosa is the name of a Flower. The beach was called like this after a famous botanist called Felix Robillard moved there. He called his estate Malvarrosa and, after some time, his street was also called like this. Finally, the whole area was also named Malvarrosa.
  • Malvarrosa is a sand beach and is the closest one to the city of Valencia. Despite it getting crowded in summer, it is extensive so there is usually a place for everyone.
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